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You can obtain informations about estates ,which are proper to you, among all recorded real estate agencies by defining the properties of the estate which you are looking for.

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By entering here , you can transfer the informations of your estate to all of the recorded real estate agencies.

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You can see the details of the estate which you want to reach directly by entering ID (Publication number) of it.

  Example: tr340001-002301

How can I publish my announcements through Emlakbox?


If you want to publish your announcements through our web site, you should be the member of Emlakbox and you should be using Emlakbox Real Estate Program.

If you are not a real estate agency and you want to market your estate through our web site, you can transfer your informations to all real estate agencies which are members of Emlakbox by using Deliver your Demand section. You can want these agencies to add your estate to their portfolio when they call you back and hereby you can publish your announcements.

Search for Emlakbox Member Real Estate Agencies
  You can find the most convenient Real Estate Agency which has been publishing its portfolio in our system . To be a member real estate agency click here.

BANNER Advertisement Service


Your advertisements are seen by millions of people with the help of the most popular real estate searching program, Emlakbox, which has ~5.000.000 Hit monthly and ~2.000.000 display rate. You can contact our Advertisement solution partner, ReklamZ by clicking here.

Corporate Services (Only for Turkey)


Emlakbox is a software company which has been giving solutions in the field of information technologies since 1998 in TURKEY.

To get detailed informations about services such as Real Estate Program, Web Design, Data Base, Technical support Click Here

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